Los Portales Mariscos y Tacos (Sea food & Grill)

When you come to Huatulco, you must visit us. We have been serving quality food since 1987 and our location across the Main Plaza is unbeatable.

About Us

Los Portales Huatulco Los Portales opened in 1987 by owners Luis Alfredo and Elva Estavillo. Arriving to Huatulco when this development was barely starting, they noticed the need for a casual place to grab a bite and hang out after a hard day of work.
Luis Alfredo and Elva started with a taco cart in the corner of their recently bought building, across from the Main Plaza. Huatulco was barely starting to be developed then.

Throughout the years, this place has seen major changes. First, they added breakfast and lunch service. They also built a bar called “Iguana Bar”, the first bar to offer Mezcal cocktails in Huatulco. Based on what people asked for, they recently turned the bar into an amazing seafood joint.

Now Los Portales offers the perfect combination between fresh seafood and Mexican confort food.

Open every day of the year
8:00 am
to Midnight

Cel: (958) 100 45 51
Ofix: (958) 587 0070

The Taqueros Glad us Life

Welcome to Restaurant Los Portales

Open every day of the year

(958) 100 45 51


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Bugambilia 603, Centro de La Crucecita, Huatulco Oaxaca. C.P. 70989
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